How to buy

Dear buyers!

We invite you to take advantage of our online store:

✔ Items reserved in the online store, indicating their receipt in the store, Nīcgale 53, must be removed within 3 days, in case of non-removal the order will be canceled.

Delivery of goods (except fresh Groceries) throughout Latvia with Omniva € 3.00

✔ Food delivery for orders: In all Latvia 5, - € regardless of the size of the order, delivery by courierpost 1-4 working days from the moment we recieve your payment (all products).

✔ Secure payment - an invoice for payment for the order will be prepared only after the order has been processed, making sure that all the goods are available and, if necessary, coordinating the changes with you.

Ordering procedure:

1.Add items to the cart by selecting them in the store sections. The contents of the basket can be changed freely until the "Order ready" button is pressed.
2.Press the "Order ready" button. Only now will an order be created in the BARFUS store. A copy of the order will be automatically sent to your e-mail.
3.If you choose to pay by bank transfer, the Invoice for payment will be sent as soon as possible.
4.After payment of the invoice, the product will be delivered to the address specified by you or stored in the store, if you want to remove it yourself.
5.To order goods, you must fill in the required information (registration is not required).
Order payment terms - up to one week, after which the order is canceled.

How to conclude a cooperation agreement

You can conclude a cooperation agreement with SIA BARFUS by sending the following information to e-mail

 - company details,
 - the name of the person who will sign the contract,
 - phone and email address for contacts.

We will contact you as soon as we have prepared a cooperation agreement signed by us. We will deliver the contract to your office.


If necessary, the order can be adjusted. The changes will be agreed with you.

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