How to buy

Dear Customers!

We invite you to take advantage of our online store:

✔ Orders delivery throughout Latvia with Omniva 3, - €.

✔ Delivery of food products  5, - € in Riga (orders ower 100,- € for free),  15, - € in Riga region (orders ower 100,- € for free), 15, - € in Latvia. 

✔ Secure payment - the invoice for ordering will be prepared only after processing the order, making sure that all goods are available and, if necessary, matching the changes with you.

Ordering order:

Add items to the cart by selecting them in the sections of the store. Until the button "Order ready" is pressed, the contents of the basket can be changed freely.
Click on the button "The order is ready". Only now will an order be placed in the BARFUS store. A copy of your order will automatically be sent to your email.
The bill will be sent as soon as possible.
At the expense of the payment, the item will be delivered to the address indicated by you.
To order goods, you must fill in the requested information (registration is not required).

Order payment time - up to one week, after the time the order is canceled.

How to conclude a cooperation agreement.
You can conclude a cooperation agreement with SIA BARFUS by sending the following information to the e-mail

Business details:

name of the person signing the contract
phone and e-mail address for contacts.
We will contact you as soon as we have prepared a co-operation agreement signed with us. We will deliver the contract to your office.

If necessary, the order can be adjusted. Changes will be agreed with you.
From time to time, orders and trips to various brands are completed, free shipping, if you are interested, leave your contacts, and we will contact JUms when we go in your direction.

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