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I offer to look into the world of cynology and animal training together: to look for answers to questions, to learn to better understand yourself and your dog. Do not postpone difficulties for later, but face them, solve them. Get the satisfaction of solving problems and the joy of learning.

Lessons at the School have a clear structure and we will smoothly move from simple to complex. At each meeting, we will repeat what we have already learned, we will do exercises to improve contact with the dog and tricks, elements of normative and daily obedience. Of course, with positivity and the desire to become better.

I mainly work with dog owners who, having understood the basic principles, are training their pets. I explain simply and clearly, without arrogance towards newbies. I use effective modern teaching methods, I guarantee an attentive and careful attitude towards you and your dog.

Place: Iļguciems, Lidoņu 24a, Riga
Contacts for the appointment: Phone no. 293 777 09 E-mail: ksenija-s@inbox.lv

You can contact me:

for a general consultation with a canine specialist
on dog behavior (including working with fear and overexcitement) and their daily training
for training after BH / VT (city dog) and general training course, for searching (Nosework), as well as obtaining the initial base for various sports with a dog
improve the relationship (contact) with the dog
teach tricks and help in setting entertaining numbers, learn to work with a clicker
puppy initial training (Puppy School)
about the relationship between a child and a dog
training of small breed dogs
to improve your dog's physical development
exhibition handling

Please - do not contact me if you are not ready to take responsibility for the result and allocate time for self-study.

Lessons at the School are held individually or in groups. Online consultations are possible.
A short biography

I have been fascinated by dogs since childhood. I read books about them, the so-called Jack London novels about Irish terriers. Since I was 12 years old, I have had this cutie next to me. Around 1995, I was an active member of the Inter Sport Canis club, I participated in both VPK competitions and the first agility classes and competitions (led by Ilona Radionova). I also participated in dog shows with all my dogs.

From 19.04.2001 I am a member of Valmiera Kennel Club. From 2009 - administrator of the club website and assistant in the organization of exhibitions.
2005-2006 I attended and successfully completed the LKF Cynologist courses.
27.10.2008 my Irish terrier kennel Red Factor is registered.

All these years I continued to increase my knowledge about dogs and regularly attended cynological seminars on dog behavior, training, anatomy, handling. Since 2016, I have been organizing educational seminars myself within the Dog Fan company. In the summer of 2020, my daughter and I organized a cynological children's camp and there are still many projects ahead.

More information: https://www.dogfanskola.lv/par-sevi

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